Hurried words and little thought

Louis Armstrong Sings the Blues

Breaking Up

  • Indifference
  • Hatred
  • Homicide
  • Prison
  • Rape
  • Self Contemplation
  • Muscles
  • Homicide
  • Solitary Confinement
  • Self Mutilation
  • New Mentality
  • Parole
  • How do you make someone go away? Just go away....
  • Prophet 60191...
I’m growing a village of tiny people with mushroom hats.

I’m growing a village of tiny people with mushroom hats.

The aroused state hurts and pleases at once, and the degree of painful frustration rises exactly in accord with the degree of deepening pleasure. When we are aroused, the ego wrestles the superego to the ground, and while they’re fighting the mute and mindless id runs the show. Hormones, genetics, pheromones, who cares? I just want that-or this. I want it so much I can barely think of anything else, I want it here, now, any way I can. Another’s appetite can destroy us. Hunger makes us into food, a thing, something to be devoured, even if the hunger is for love. Too much desire makes desires fulfillment impossible, because desire itself becomes the goal and conclusion.

—Talk Dirty To Me

To be perceived as a woman by society was to pretend, period. Femininity is deceit, deceit is femininity, anatomical women who don’t display the “masquerade” fail to be women.”Woman” was that which made a man feel like a man, by being less male.

—Talk Dirty To Me

The edges are falling apart, angels and sinners are trading places. There is new etiquette, new vocabulary, new genders. I live in a world obsessed both with incest and fashion models who look like children; where there are marches against erotica and for the death penalty, where you can buy a bikini and make up for little girls but not breastfeed in public; I live in a world sculpted to make room for missiles and skyscrapers and nuclear submarines, hot humming phalluses cutting through the dark waters of the deep.

—Talk Dirty To Me

  • It's a monster and its going to gobble me up.
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